Meeting and Conference Services

PlanIt Now prides itself on its ability to tailor its services to the unique needs of each client.  The personalized nature of our service allows us to provide our clients with a high quality conference management team, flexibility in service and efficient budgetary controls.
Site Selection and Contract Negotiation
  • Work with the client to identify all the space requirements for a meeting(number of sleeping rooms, size and number of meeting rooms, food functions, receptions, etc)
  • Locate appropriate sites that fall within the meeting budget
  • Negotiate best terms for an event, contract with the property or properties selected and present it, with recommendations for signature
Planning and Program Development
  • Work with client on development of conference program.
  • Research market to establish appropriate registration rate and other relevant fees.
  • At clients request, participate in planning pre-conference meetings or conference calls.
  • Coordinate all arrangements with speakers and VIPs including confirmation letters, transportation, accommodations, audio visual requirements and duplication of materials.
Liaison with Conference Venue
  • Act as liaison between client and venue.
  • Make site inspection visit(s) as necessary.
  • Set up Master Account and designate authorized signatures.
  • Coordinate housing reservation forms and rooming lists.
  • Set up Master Account and designate authorized signatures.
  • Design and plan all food and beverage functions.
  • Plan and set-up meeting/function rooms.
  • Coordinate all communications and audio-visual equipment.
  • Schedule, prepare for and staff pre-conference meeting with venue.
  • Determine food and beverage guarantees and provide to venue.
  • Remain on-site throughout conference to ensure that all meeting, catering, and audio-visual specifications are set up on time and are completed as ordered.
  • Ensure adequate placement of conference signs.
  • Tear down registration desk.
  • Arrange for packing and shipping of all meeting materials to appropriate offices.
  • Review hotel charges and authorize gratuity payments.
  • Audit hotel charges and submit an accurate itemized bill for payment.
  • Authorize payment of outstanding invoices and refunds.
Housing and Transportation
  • Manage housing list and provide to venue.
  • Track and process roommate requests.
  • Collect and disseminate special needs requests
  • Coordinate transfers between venue and airports, train stations, etc.
  • Arrange for transportation to and from off-site events.
  • Manage speaker and VIP transportation.
  • Assist with the development of electronic and/or print conference materials, including promotional information, preliminary and final conference programs, invitations to speakers, invitations to any special events and other materials to be distributed to participants.
  • Identify and contract with appropriate support services (graphic and web designers, printing/copying, audio-visual, etc.).
  • Coordinate production of materials for web, mobile app and print publication.
  • Prepare packets of materials for speakers and/or registrants.
  • Work with client’s choice of registration and payment systems or create customized registration system.
  • Process registrations as received.
  • Send invoices, acknowledgements and other materials as applicable.
  • Prepare status reports and alphabetical listing of registrants on a regular basis.
  • Make, sort and alphabetize all name badges.
  • Produce labels as needed.
  • Set up and staff registration area.
  • Conduct onsite registration, including processing of onsite payments.
  • Maintain log of on-site registrants and all income received
  • Distribute conference materials to participants and speakers.
  • Consolidate all on-site registrations with pre-conference registrations, cancellations and no-shows and provide summary of total attendees/registrants for meeting.
Management and Financial Administration
  • Provide overall management of program and logistics.
  • Develop and maintain conference planning and working schedule.
  • Monitor conference budget throughout planning and implementation stages.
  • Set up bank/credit card account(s), online and onsite payment systems.
  • Manage accounts payable and receivable.
  • Produce monthly profit and loss statements.
  • Liaison with legal and accounting professionals.
  • Coordinate all negotiations, arrangements and contracts with outside vendors.
  • Recommend expenditures and refunds.
  • Establish time line for completion of tasks by conference coordinators and client leading up to conference.
  • Schedule regular meetings to coordinate activities.